Challenge – Celebrate Success

This weekend I didn’t spend enough time cleaning the house. I didn’t eat only the things I should have. I didn’t take my dog to run at the dog park. I didn’t wash the car and I didn’t finish my grocery shopping. I didn’t…I didn’t…I didn’t do that either.

I have to continually remind myself to focus on what I did get done. Don’t let the didn’ts (is that a word?) get you down.

I did spend fun time with Wendy, my sister. I did hike two miles. I did go to a beautiful canyon near Boulder where I watched amazing people scale mountains. I have always wanted to visit Eldorado Canyon State Park and will definitely go back. I did take some time to relax after a long stressful week. I did help Mary learn how to post to our blog.

This challenge is to recognize and celebrate our successes. Instead of focusing on what didn’t get done, let’s give ourselves a break and take credit for everything that we have accomplished.

Fill ten pages listing what you’ve accomplished. Seem like a lot? Start with today. What did you check as completed on your to do list? What have you accomplished over the last year? What about five years? Twenty years? This is going to take some time, so plan to write your accomplishments down over the next few months.


Ten blank journal pages to fill with your accomplishments
Time to celebrate

Wow! Look at everything you’ve done. Maybe you’ll need more pages for your list…


I haven’t finished ten pages yet, by far, but I have accomplished several great things in the last few weeks. I bought a body bug to help me track how many calories I burn, joined to track my eating and bought Wii Fit today. I’m bound and determined to finally start working on getting healthier. There are lots of hikes out there just waiting for me and my camera.

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