Missing Green Chile Soup

My nephew, Joey, has taken on a brave adventure by moving to Taiwan for his work. It’s been a good time in his life to make that choice. He’s made a lot of new friends and has had incredible opportunities. It was so good to see him when he came “home” for Christmas to be with our family. He made a Taiwanese dish that included shrimp with the heads still attached. That was a new one for all of us and very delicious. It was fun to see even the most adventurous family members a bit squeamish when they tore off the heads. His adventure has created more adventure for us.

I think his move also makes him appreciate some things that he may have taken granted before…including green chile soup. I just had to capture a photo of him taking a picture of the soup to take back with him to Taiwan. I wonder if his new friends will be tasting green chile soup anytime soon. Cheers to new adventures!

Missing Green Chili Soup

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