In Memory of Denver’s Homeless

I’m looking out the window at a full on blizzard thinking about the event I witnessed and was part of last night at the Denver City and County Building. I was there to take pictures of the holiday display and found myself in a crowd of people holding burning candles in memory of the homeless people who have died on the streets during 2011. Tonight I’m wondering how many people are caught out in the cold with no place to stay.

More than 136 people have died this year across the Denver metro area and many of them had no funeral and sometimes no family to remember them. The event, the Homeless Persons’ Memorial Vigil was held so that we can remember that there are sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives out there who could use our help and to honor those that died on our streets.

This is the holiday season where we are reminded that we can make a difference in love. My prayers go out to the people caught out in the storm and those shelter workers who are doing their best to keep them warm and safe.

I won’t forget.

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