Up for the Challenge?

I really took some time to go through my Google Reader tonight and review some of my favorite blogs. It has been quite awhile since I did more than glance at the ever growing list.

What did I find? I found a stock photographer blogger that has posted a photo a day for the last year. His photos were amazing. I have friends that have worked on a 365 day challenge to do the same thing. Some of them have done really well with few interruptions. With life as crazy as it is, I’m not sure I can keep up with 365 days straight, but I can do better than I have in the past.

So, here it is. The first of what I hope will be 300+ days of pictures from now until December 2, 2012. I won’t promise the most beautiful of photos, but I will promise to keep it interesting.

Anyone else up for the challenge?

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