White suitcase on white bacgroundI think I’d travel with about any company who was willing to send someone out to pack my bags. I know…I shouldn’t wait until the day before to put everything in the suitcase. I just can’t help myself. Hey…at least I’m packing the day before and not the morning of. That’s progress.

My plan is to finish up tonight, drink a glass of wine, get to bed early and rise very early just to make sure all the batteries are charged and that I have all the right cables. I may need a suitcase just to hold all the cords. There’s the laptop power cable, the Canon 7D battery charging cable, the backup hard drive cable, the phone charging cable, the camera card installing cable…I hope that’s all.

Tomorrow at this time we should already be in Winnipeg and headed to the Fort Garry Hotel. That’s when I will probably discover what I forgot. Good news? I’ll be in a big city with my credit card to make it all right. Less than 24 hours to go. Yippee!!

(Thank you, Travis, for holding down the fort.)


Here’s hoping all the cords are packed and you remembered your credit card, passport,travel docs and camera gear…. all else is superfluous. 🙂

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