Learning More About Global Warming

Since I returned home over two weeks ago from my trip to Churchill, I’ve done more thinking about what I learned. I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by James Balog in Denver last night. Mr. Balog is an incredible photographer and is using his art to highlight changes to our environment. What began as a three year project to photograph glaciers around the world, is continuing and creating a historical record of the melting of the ice.

He is another person who has done a lot of research and has experienced the warming of the globe first hand. Just like Annie, our guide from Natural Habitat, he didn’t beat people over the head, he just shared his time lapse photos. Mr. Balog photographs what is truly happening. The photographs don’t lie like statistics can. Whether or not we are in a natural warming cycle and who or what is responsible is where people seem to disagree.

Is there global warming and is it caused by us?

I don’t know that answer. I’m leaning more towards yes than ever before.

If we believe it is not, what if we’re wrong?

The damage will be left behind for our kids.

Does it hurt to make some changes in my life that could positively contribute to a healthier planet and lifestyle?

Everyone has to make their own decision, but I will be making some changes,
a little at a time.

The film, “Chasing Ice”, is the culmination of James Balog’s photography journey. I’ll be waiting to see it when it comes to Denver. Here’s a teaser:

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