Tripping My Imagination

I was a bit of a loner as a kid, but I never felt lonely. My mother scheduled library visits on a regular basis. I came home with stacks of books. I couldn’t wait until my teacher handed out the Scholastic Book Club catalog. I studied and deliberated over each page until I made a selection of books within our family budget. The travel bug bit me early on as I took wondrous trips to places like Pern, Hobbiton and Chincoteague Island.

As an adult, I can afford to physically travel to new places every year or two. But I still take regular trips guided by artists who weave words into incredible places inhabited by people and creatures that I can see and almost touch. Bravo to the writers who work and sweat over masterpieces of art that spark our imagination. You have, and continue to, enhance our world.

What are the books that immediately come to mind when you look back to your childhood?

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