Let the Writing Begin


I was early…really early.

Entering the magnificent historic mansion, I turned into a small room with comfortable chairs and sat down. As I took time to look around, I noticed incredible detail in the molding and fixtures. What a perfect warm welcoming place to begin my very first writing class.

Yesterday morning had started with fear. Could I actually write a book? What if my writing sucked? What if I’d been dreaming to write a novel my whole life and I wasn’t up to the task? I shared my fears in my post 50,000 Words or More and the most amazing people appeared with incredible wisdom and support.

“We just need to remember we’re trying to improve our own skills, learn a roadmap to follow as we write through the process, and come from a place of service, ie, that we’re hoping to write something others will enjoy reading. What better gift can you give to the world?” 

“You will LOVE it!! I’ll be thinking of you.”

“You have taken that first step and you are going to be great. Each step will open another door in front of you and another and another until you find yourself one day announcing your first book. I am looking forward to that day!!!”

These are only brief glimpses into the many comments written by people I’ve never met in person. As I read the words again this morning, they still bring tears to my eyes.

After I finished work yesterday, I had time to grab quick bite to eat before heading to the Lighthouse. Thank goodness for wireless internet. I checked in and read all of the comments. Never doubt the power of the written word to inspire and encourage someone. The strength of the writers jumped out of my iPad and into my heart and head. I felt the love and support and it made all the difference. I walked into the class excited, confident and ready to begin.

“A sputter and small flame begins to melt the wax of possibilities, a quickened heart beat. Can I? Dare I dream to be me and speak loudly in a voice that has been hidden? Writing my own rules, playing my own game…”

Let the writing begin.


I went to the website, Mona. The Lit Fest is definitely being held at the Lighthouse. I have a feeling I’ll be spending lots of time there over the next few years.

Ida Mae West-Simone

Yes you can. Yes you can. Yes you can. You are talented, you have the drive and desire, and now you have made a commitment.Congratulations in advance on your success! I can’t wait to see how the story ends.


Thank you, Ida. I’m having fun and the class keeps pushing me forward. It will be interesting to see how things progress in the next few years. 🙂

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