Multi Frigging Tasking

The annoying beeping begins at 5:30am.

I hit the snooze button.

Ten minutes later it starts quietly then increases in volume.


(Extreme cussing in the background)

Translation: wake up…wake up…Get Up…Get Up…WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED!

My alarm has gone off at 5:30am on work days for years. I used to hit the snooze button until 6:30am. Then I’d drag myself out of bed. Some days, I’d turn on the light at 5:30am, grab my laptop and browse until it was time to get ready. My third option was to turn on the television and watch the news until, you got it, I needed to get ready for work. A lot of wasted time.

Since one of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to lose 15 pounds of my 75 pound 5 year goal, I’m working my plan. Knowing how quickly I give up BIG lifestyle changes, I’ve started at a reasonable, more likely to succeed, pace. I plan to average at least a mile each day of movement over and above my normal activity.

So, I’m multitasking. The alarm goes off at 5:30am (normal), I hit the snooze button (normal), I don’t hit the snooze button again, (abnormal), I get up (semi-normal), I turn on the television (normal), then I get on the treadmill and watch television (semi-normal), when I’m done, I grab my laptop and browse or work on my blog (semi-normal). That’s three normals, three semi-normal and one abnormal. I know, weird way to measure, but I’m just convincing myself that my multitasking plan is doable.

Only 7 days into the new year, it hasn’t been too bad.

(I know the pictures aren’t top of the line, but I don’t do real photography until I’ve had my coffee.)


Here’s my progress report:

  • 6.5 miles in 7 days
  • back to pre-holiday weight

How are you doing with your resolutions, goals or desires?

beth teliho

5:30 and I don’t get along. We don’t even speak. In fact, 6:30 and I aren’t even on the best of terms.

You are doing great so far! It’s so tough to wake up early, much less be productive during that time. And I love how you’re being realistic with your goals. Consistency is the key, and cutting yourself some slack is the only way to be consistent I find. Too high of expectations on yourself spells disaster. You go, girl!

Dawn Miquel

I think they say it takes 40 days to build a habit, so you are well on your way! I am also an early riser. One of the things I changed was using an alarm, which was set at 4:00 am. Now I get up naturally between 4:00 am and 5:30 am. Maybe I’m a morning person because of my name – I want to always be fully awake for the dawn! These early hours are mine and mine alone – I love it!

To answer your question.. I’m closer everyday to formulating my goals for this year. There are some 12-week goals about improving my health, which are clear and concise (and I’m achieving them). It’s the month to month goals that need some work! You are an inspiration for me, and I know we will both see improvements in 2014!

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