Santa Claus Has A Present for Peyton Manning

I personally spoke with Santa Claus yesterday at the United in Orange Rally in downtown Denver. Broncosrally13

After asking him if Peyton Manning had been good all year, he said, “I have a big present for Peyton. I’ve been holding off giving it to him until now.” 

That sounds promising. Just so you don’t think I picked any man looking like Santa Claus out of the crowd, here’s proof I got the real guy.


I was lucky enough to talk to lots of Bronco fans who share my passion.


These fans will be partying on Sunday. The predicted score? “34-14, Broncos!”


“It’s the Year of the Horse!”

This man is the biggest fan in Colorado Springs. His favorite Bronco’s paraphernalia?  “A helmet with John Elway’s autograph.”


Bronco Billy will be at the stadium on Sunday, dressed up in Bronco boxers. His favorite player? Ryan Clady. He’s my home boy.”


It’s one thing to dress up in Bronco gear, it’s a whole different level of commitment to die your hair orange and blue.

Any superstitions? “If I’m standing in a location and we’re doing well, I don’t move.”


Here are several of our Bronco ladies and their dog, Rocky. Favorite player? Eric Decker. Now there’s a surprise…


Like momma, like daughter. Hi, Chloe!


Rocky the Leprechaun, with his friend Mike, has been leading the cheering squad for 31 years! What will you be doing on Sunday, “Getting people noisy!”


Timothy and his dad are ready for the game.


This couple’s oldest son is a Patriot’s fan. “I don’t know what we did wrong. Our other boys are all Bronco’s fans.” Their oldest son will be watching the game with them. Maybe there’s hope for a miraculous conversion.


What’s included on Emily’s game day menu? “Mac and cheese…”

And finally, check out a collection of just a few of the jerseys I saw at the rally. These names look familiar.


It’s going to be a great game on Sunday. Thanks Broncos for an incredible season so far. We’re all rooting for you!!


Margaret Rutherford

I am a die-hard Cowboys fan but since they are home knitting tea cozies, I am all about the Broncos for the big win!!! Loved the photos and the madness! And the Patriot fan? Maybe he’s just really into Giselle. Thanks for such a fun post!


Sorry your Cowboys didn’t make it in, Margaret. I’m glad your backing the Broncos. They are such a great team. You might be right about Giselle. Haha!

Kristi Campbell

I will always love John Elway more than any of them but OMG I’m SO SO SO excited that Pey Pey brought us (with Elway’s help) to the Super Bowl this year. My uncle has had season tickets for like 37 years or something. They’re row 1, so some complain that you can’t see stuff going on at the other end of the field. I’ll take being right there with the donkeys anytime. LOVE. Your photos are amazing!!!


I love John Elway, too, Kristi. He worked so hard over the years to get us to the Super Bowl. I’ll never forget his run, diving to get the first down that led to finally winning a Super Bowl. It’s amazing that your uncle is in Row 1. I can’t imagine being so close. Hopefully we’ll be celebrating the win in two weeks for Peyton and the rest of the team.

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