Touched Beyond Belief

New York Graffiti

A funny thing happened last November on my way to find the perfect Christmas gift for a family member. I visited Amazon to look for a book and discovered a young man who is changing the world, one connection at a time. He wrote a book called the Humans of New York.

When it arrived in the mail, I opened it and was mesmerized. Brandon takes pictures of people in New York and in a sentence or two, shares their incredible stories of life and love. I found inspiration and appreciation for the wisdom hidden behind the faces of people that pass by unnoticed. It’s true that everyone has a story and Brandon is capturing them. The book has become a permanent part of my collection.

Just in case you haven’t been touched by the magic yet, I encourage you to visit Humans of New York to see if there isn’t a message there for you, too.


Kelly- Humans of New York is on Facebook, too. Yesterday, Brandon shared the contents of a letter he received from the man who lost his wife. If that doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, nothing will.


I love the photos on the page you shared, and I love NY. Not being cheesy. I do. Love everything about the city. If I didn’t have kids and a husband, I’d move there tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.


This sounds fantastic! I pulled up Google Images of his pictures and they are amazing, Jennifer. Thank you for passing it along. Added to my book wish list 🙂


I know what you mean, Chris. I thought the same thing. Why didn’t I think of street photography and getting to know people just a little. Everyone has something to offer.

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