Glimpses of Spring

Glimpse of spring
I’m sure I saw her peek out from behind the bushes. When I turned to look, she hid away again, so I can’t be 100% sure.

I felt her on the breeze and in each breath I took. Could she be playing me false? Is this just a tease or the real thing?

I saw her in the way the trails of water wove their way into the street from the snow piled near the curb. The blades of grass are still holding back hope, remaining brown and yellow.

I feel her in the warmth of the sun on my face. But she’s done this before, pulling me in just to spurn me with the return of frigid air that sends me back into layers of clothing.

I’m not hearing the chirping of the birds yet. Maybe they aren’t fooled into believing it could be true.

So do I trust the birds or my belief that winter is finally pulling back from the painful grip to relinquish its hold?

No decision, really. Today, I’ll be seeking glimpses of spring. I know she’s out there and I’m going to find her.

Annah Elizabeth

I think the entire country has had its fill of this harsh winter! I was so excited last week when I saw a cardinal fly in front of me on two different trips in one day! Hubby said, “Hate to tell you this, but Cardinals are here all the time…”

I let it bring me down for about half a second and then turned back to my enthusiasm: “But it’s the first time they’ve been out for me to see them!”

Think spring. Think spring… Thinking spring…..


Same here, Linda. I could have worn flip flops over the weekend, but last time the warm up was followed by a 25 degree below zero wind chill. Ugh! I hope this is it for all of us.

Doreen McGettigan

I am from Philadelphia where it has been snowing non-stop but I was in Florida most of January and am now in North Carolina where last Wednesday it snowed 8 inches but today it was 70 degrees. I actually saw 2 cardinals and 2 bluejays. I am hoping Spring arrives ahead of me in Philly:)

Annah Elizabeth


I have family in NC, some of whom were caught in that dreadful storm! My sister left work early, but to her dismay, the storm arrived early, too! Her usual 45 minute drive home took her over 4 hours! But, at least she made it home; she said there were scores of abandoned cars left sitting in the middle of roadways!

Was 40 here today! Here’s hoping those cardinals become even more active!

And Jack, might I entice you to fill that glass and check out how I keep my Happy on?

Spring’s a comin’, Friends!


I live in Pittsburgh and it was 48 here today. The smiles of many people said it all. I agree everyone is anxiously awaiting spring. This year I will take any taste of it I can get


Oh no, no, no…I will never get suckered into that here in Reno ever again in the 32 years since I first moved here! I won’t even begin to share about the winter we’ve had here compared to every East of the Rockies. But, Reno has a notorious reputation for turning around and being miserable until June. I won’t jinx anything, Jennifer LOL! 🙂


Bravo, Kathy. Back in Colorado…spring was fickle once again. After a 60+ degree day today, it’s snowing like crazy tonight.


I think Reno and Denver must be the same, Mike. I left for the gym with just a long sleeve shirt and sweat pants and came out into a raging snowstorm. Brrrr! 🙂


I’ve seen a few glimpses of spring myself in the last couple of days. As I type this the sun is streaming in through the windows 🙂 Trying not to get my hopes up too soon though, I’m sure there’ll be more wind and rain before spring makes a full arrival!


There’s something about the sun shining in that makes me smile, especially after the harsh weather this last winter. We’re almost there, Catherine.

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