In the Midst of Manmade Magic


Hidden treasures in the midst of man made magic
Yellow butterflies lead the way
In solitude I walk between
Fields of palmettos, dotted with occasional pines

A path, leading into the forest of trees
Anticipation, seeking something new
Alone with myself
Taking it all in, seeing, watching

Cyprus trees with skirts of roots sink down into the water
Securing them to reflections of blue sky
And of puffy white clouds and dancing grasses of green and yellow
Upside down world…silence punctuated with the occasional buzz of insects

Nature taking it’s course in the midst of man made magic
Drinking in moist warm air as smooth as a fine wine
Time to think and observe
Eagerly discovering, exploring

A walk in a new place
No people, no wildlife, just me 
Breathing in and out moving on the path
Until the end, the perfect place to sit

Nature Conservancy
Rocking back and forth in a chair
Cool breeze weeps away the heat of the midday journey
Happy to discover another world
In the midst of man made magic

My last day in Orlando, I decided to get off the beaten path. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love castles, princes and life sized cartoon characters and will visit them another time. Instead, at the suggestion of a Florida friend, I visited the Nature Conservatory’s Disney Wildlife Preserve. My favorite part was Lake Russell and the cyprus trees that rise up out of the water. The path is a little over 2 miles long and a wonderful option if you are interested in a break from the parks. It’s also free unless you choose to make a donation.

I suggest going early in the day so you have an opportunity to see the wildlife. Take water and good walking shoes. The path is clear, level and easy to follow. It was a great choice for me since it was a new slice of nature I’d never seen before.

Happy travels!


Loved this!
“Cyprus trees with skirts of roots sink down into the water
Securing them to reflections of the blue sky”. Such a picture!
I feel rested and renewed, just following you in your rambles!


Thank you, Diane. The reflections were incredible, but so difficult to catch with my camera. You made my day with your comments.


I’m so glad you liked it, Aussa. Even reading my post now, it takes me back to the side of the lake. It was beautiful.

Chris Carter

Oh this is just beautiful Jennifer!!!! Your words are like fresh air… truly!

Such gorgeous pictures that match your images… I want to go THERE. (More than any castle or kingdom manmade)


You’d love it, Chris. My visit was the perfect conclusion to what had been a busy trip. I’m ready to go back again.

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