Applauding Denver Media and Police – Car Chase Suspect Arrested

I’m clearly not a news reporter, but yesterday’s car chase that lasted more than an hour and the involvement of the Denver traffic reporter from 850 KOA radio who assisted law enforcement with the apprehension of the suspect was extraordinary. At the same time, the event was televised live.

It all started yesterday morning when the suspect stole a Ford Edge that was unlocked and running outside a Longmont convenience store with a four year old boy inside. Police officers located the car fairly quickly, but decided not to actively chase in the dangerous rush hour traffic conditions. So they backed off, while still following at a distance.

That’s where the news helicopter comes in. Several of our media outlets share the helicopter. Traffic reporter, John Morrissey, broadcasted the event live on a radio station accessible by all of the responding officers, providing them with the information necessary to stay in contact with the dangerous suspect. It was also clear that a number of the drivers, probably on their way to work, were listening to the same station  as they pulled out of the way.

Here’s a condensed version of the audio:

Here’s a condensed version of the video:

After stealing a car with a little boy inside, two carjackings, driving the wrong way on a busy highway, traveling up to 100 miles per hour and multiple accidents, the suspect was taken into custody. The four year old boy is safe and a Colorado State Patrol Officer is recovering in the hospital. There were no other serious injuries.

Unbelievable! Great job performed by all of the officers from multiple jurisdictions, the traffic reporter and Denver media outlets. Job well done!


I watched the video – holy crap! Gawd I hope too many weren’t hurt in all of that. Excellent job on the news chopper pilot and reporter!


I always listen to 850 KOA when I’m driving into work so I know if I’m going to run into traffic. When this horrifying event occurred, I was in slow-moving traffic south of Denver listening.. Then when I got to work, a co-worker had one of the news stations up on his computer. I was afraid it would end in a deadly crash, thankful no one was killed, and pray the Highway Patrol Officer recovers fully.


Thanks Mike and Dawn. I know this isn’t my usual blog material, but it was such an incredible event, I felt like I wanted to share it. I watched the chase from almost the beginning and it’s truly a miracle that no one was killed. The Colorado State Patrol Officer had emergency surgery, but is expected to return to full duty and thank goodness the four year old boy was safe.

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