Sisters’ Trip Update – New England It Is

New England  Lighthouse
The results are in!

Thank you for all of your input and votes. My sisters and I are headed to the New England area for our sisters’ trip. Now we just need to decide on our itinerary and what areas we will be traveling.

The initial plan is to fly into Boston or Bangor, rent a car and then drive through a number of states. Each one of us is going to pick two places we want to see and then we’ll set up the schedule. From lighthouses, to specific towns, covered bridges and a Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory Tour, we’ve already received some great suggestions from those who recommended New England.

Being landlocked in Colorado, the a visit to the Atlantic Ocean is a definite. The rest will develop as we select our must sees. We are still intending to try to keep to our budget of $500 each, not including airfare. I’m finding that renting a car at one airport and dropping it off at another adds to the expense, so we’ll see what discounts are available.

Travel Budget Plan

  1. Do our research on places to stay and book in advance
  2. Select B&B’s, motels or hotels that serve breakfast and are not in the costly city centers
  3. Buy a cheap cooler when we arrive and fill it with snacks so we can limit our eating out
  4. Select and budget in the key places we want to see and then fill in with low cost or free places to visit
  5. Rent a small car that gets better gas mileage, but is still comfortable enough for three people and luggage
  6. Utilize discounts that may be available to us: senior discounts, AAA, online booking

If there is anyone who can spot a discount, it’s Wendy. I know she is already on the hunt. Do you have any tips that you use to stay on a travel budget?

In Other Travel News:

I’m headed to White Sands National Monument  in New Mexico this weekend with a small group of my photographer friends. When they say “white sands” they mean it. What a beautiful place. I can’t wait to share the pictures.

With my trip to Namibia less than two months away, I visited the Global Travel Clinic and recieved one shot in each arm yesterday afternoon. One to prevent Typhoid and the other Hepatitis A. Ouch! I have a couple prescriptions to fill, including anti-malaria pills, Cipro and motion sickness prevention patches. Planning continues…

Chris Carter

Sounds like SO much fun!!!! My hubs just got a car rental for the week in Florida for 150 bucks!!!!! You can’t beat that!!!! I should ask him how/where he found that- if you want info, let me know!!


You are going to have a great time in New England! I’m sure you do this already, but we try to stay in places that offer free breakfast. Hampton Inns are our favorites; we stayed there in Wells, Maine when we vacationed up there. Enjoy all of your upcoming travels!

Cathy Chester

So glad you picked it! We are headed to Boston/Maine, one of our favorite trips! Love Acadia, Blue Hill (where we bought our blue ceramic ware; my parents bought it there a generation ago) , Marginal Way in Ogunquit, any lobster at any pound, and, of course, the shoreline.

You should ask places if you can write about their establishments to see if you can get a discount! Hey, you never know!

Enjoy. I always wanted a sister….


Wow! I have nothing to add. You’ve covered all of my bases. And several more. In fact, I think I’m going to take note of YOUR notes and use them next time I travel! 🙂


Thanks to all you bloggers out there!
YEAH, my sisters and I are going to the New England area. I can’t wait to travel to all those wonderful places that you recommend. I love traveling with my sisters! We have so much fun!

Yes Jen, I am a bargain hunter, but I don’t cut corners to do it.

I hope that after our trip is over that all the states we will visit will actually let us back into the state…HEE! HEE! You have to watch Jen, ya know, she gets pretty wild with that camera of hers.


A car rental in Florida for $150 bucks? That’s a bargain, Chris. I’ll be checking this week and I may email you to get the details. Have fun in Florida!!


Thanks for the hotel advice, Dana. I like the Hampton Inns. We’ll be checking out Wells. Thanks for suggesting Maine and the new England area. This is going to be a fun trip to plan.


Thanks for the specifics, Cathy. I’m adding them to my list as soon as I’m finished commenting this morning. Blue Hill sounds fabulous! I plan to eat seafood everyday along the way. That’s a great idea about checking in for discounts. I will be writing about the whole trip and the discounts would definitely help us stay on budget. And…we’re always looking for another sister. 🙂


Can you tell I’m excited, Diane? I’m not sure how we are going to fit everything in. We may need to do another trip. 🙂


I think they took down our pictures off the Post Office wall, Wendy, so we may be safe if we behave for five days. You are so much better at hunting great bargains than I am. Are you grabbing our journal?


Sounds like a blast. I always recommend buying a cheap cooler at a Walmart and filling it food. Eating out can add up quickly. No matter what make sure that you use Trip Advisor. I have found it to be helpful. I could find places that were affordable, but not “roach” motels.


That’s our plan, Sho. As soon as we get the rental car, we’ll stop and buy a cooler, then get it filled. I love trip advisor!!

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