New Mexico Road Trip Part 2 – Found Treasures

Road trips bring me up close and personal with the many treasures that I would  otherwise miss looking down from an airplane at 35,000 feet, like…

local wildlife.


stepping over the state line.
Welcome to New Mexico

unusual art that makes me smile.

Metal Giraffes

places with a lot to say.

Hollywood Rejects

a sight for sore eyes.

Eyes Graffiti

“moo”ving moments.

Lone Cow

We even saw a road runner, but it was too quick to capture on camera. What’s better than a road trip? A road trip with plenty of time to stop to appreciate those magical moments.



It was fabulous, Kate. It took longer to get home, since we planned time in to stop whenever creativity called.


Very cool finds Jennifer……love these photos! We stopped to take a picture of the eyes too but otherwise hustled back home. It was very nice meeting you finally!

Carol Cassara

The best part of Antiques Roadshow is when someone finds a treasure along the road that looks like nothing but is actually worth a boatload. Different kind of treasure than yours, but I love road trips, too, for all those reasons!


Sandy, I’ll be adding more photos in the next week of the dunes. I took so many that I need to take time to process them. New Mexico was wonderful. I highly recommend a trip there.


I love Antiques Roadshow, Carol! The Hollywood Rejects place was so filled up with treasures and photo opportunities, we could have spent all day. It was so rich and colorful.


I was so excited when I saw it, Liz. It brought back such fun memories of Wylie Coyote and the Roadrunner cartoons. Beep! Beep! 🙂


I’m planning on doing many more trips, Matt. California is on that list. Thank you for stopping by!

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