New Mexico Road Trip Part 1 – White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument

It was still dark on Saturday morning when I picked up my friend Emelyn and all her photography equipment and started the long drive. We were meeting a small group of photographers down in Alamogordo, New Mexico to visit White Sands National Monument.

I love road trips.

We started in Denver, which is a large and very busy city. The metropolitan area stretches almost twenty miles and after that there are very few sections of Interstate 25 where you won’t see at least one house or in the distance for the next hour and a half drive. It’s a beautiful area of the country and we have the Rocky Mountains that stand as sentinels overlooking the front range.

After the almost constant presence of people in Colorado along I-25, it was fascinating drive for hours without seeing any indication of people except for fences on the long stretch of roadway. The countryside is arid and filled with the shorter piñon pines, yucca plants and grasses moving in the wind. New Mexico has its own unique beauty of simplicity and shadow.

After a brief stop in Sante Fe, we finished the long drive and checked into the White Sands Motel. Sunset was still more than an hour away and we didn’t waste time headed to the White Sands National Monument. One word…INCREDIBLE!

I’ll be adding more updates and photos over the next week.


A brief walk down memory lane. I lived in Pueblo Colorado during my college years and I remember all the traveling I did. I loved White Sand the beauty and wonder of the sands at the foot of a beautiful mountain. I want to bring my children some day!


OMG! New Mexico has been on my must-visit-soon list for way too long. Didn’t even know about White Sands. I’m not placing this at the top of my list. I guess I should go before it gets too hot, huh?


I’m a Colorado native, Adrianne, and I had never even heard of White Sands until a few months ago when one of my photographer friends suggested the trip. I’m so glad I went and can’t wait to go back. Pueblo is a wonderful place, too.


You’ll love it, Anne-Marie. It’s magical. I should have a slide show up with some of my favorite photos in the next week. It was cool and windy over the weekend, but still nice. I don’t think I’d go in the middle of the summer. Maybe late spring or early fall?


I hope you get a chance to visit New Mexico, Sharon. It’s an incredible place with all the artist communities and wonderful parks.


So many places I would love to visit in New Mexico. White Sands, Sante Fe, Toas and so many more…some day, some day!

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