Sisters’ Travel Update – The Destination Finalists

Many of you suggested destinations for our sisters’ trip scheduled later this year. We received an incredible list of proposed destinations. Curious as to the results? My sister, Wendy and I, have recorded our very first video in order to provide an update.

Listen closely to discover the three destinations we have chosen as finalists.

So what’s next? Your vote!

Later this week I’ll be adding a poll so everyone can vote on one of our top three final destinations and everyone who participates will help decide where we’ll be traveling. Once the selection is complete, we’ll start the process of planning and report back on the journey every step of the way. Remember, all of you are making the final decision. We will not be voting.

Thank you for playing. We’re looking forward to our trip.

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Woo hoo! We got a shout out…thank you! Loved the video. Argh, I so want to do my first one myself but can not figure out how to do it yet with my Canon T3i – phooey. Good 3 choices…hmmm…will be contemplating until the vote post goes up, ladies! 🙂


Mike, We did it from the camera on my computer. I have a Mac so we recorded in iMovie. It was a giggle. I think we had seven takes. Thanks for being part of the process.


New England is one of my favorite places to travel in this country, especially Vermont and Massachusetts.

Vermont offers rustic small towns and beautiful scenery (Green Mountains) with more than 100 covered bridges. In Vermont, you can take a factory tour at Ben & Jerry’s. And then there are the Vermont teddy bears.

For those Thoreau fans, Walden Pond is close to Boston.
In western Massachusetts, there is the Eric Carle Museum. When I went to the Eric Carle Museum, I was the only adult there alone without children but I had a delightful time.

Lots more but these are just a few that I’ve experienced.


Bonnie, Thank you for all the great suggestions. Ben and Jerry’s? Yummy. And bridges and small towns are perfect for photography. I’ll keep your list in case the New England area wins when the final voting takes place.

Cathy Chester

If you have the money, go to Hawaii! A cruise to Alaska is on my Bucket List. New England is our fave (because we can drive there) and we’re going to Maine/Boston this year.

I am no help! Just enjoy.


It’s so tough to decide, Cathy. I’m glad we are leaving the decision up to others. Maybe we’ll see you in New England this year and Hawaii and Alaska in future years. 🙂


With the time frame and cost limitation I’d choose New England. Second would be the Florida Keys – but summer is so hot and humid (and rainy).

Shelley Dennis

Wooohooo! I made the cut…uh, I mean “North Carolina” made the cut! No matter where you guys go, it looks like you’ll have a blast! I’m just jealous I don’t have a sister to travel with! Great video – Jennifer, you set the standard for trying and succeeding at new things all the time, and that encourages us to do the same. Can’t wait for the poll!


We are known for having a good time, Karen. However, we haven’t caused any incidents requiring front page news coverage, so that’s a good thing.


We can’t wait for the selection to occur. I think the whole process has added to our excitement, Sue.


Hi Shelly. Thanks. The video took us multiple tries and it’s far from perfect, but I’m happy with our first attempt. If I can lose the so and um problems, I’ll be good. I’m so glad you participated. All of the destinations are amazing, so we can’t go wrong. I’m looking forward to following your travels, too.

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