Sisters’ Trip Update – Submit Your Vote

Travel Destination copyHere’s your chance to vote on the destination for our sisters’ trip!

First, all the suggestions were submitted.

Help Two Sisters Looking for Adventure
Get Your Travel Agent Hat On – Sisters’ Vacation Update

Then, we narrowed the choices to three destinations.

Sisters’ Trip Update – The Destination Finalists

And now, we’re eagerly awaiting your vote.

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The poll is only open for one week, so vote early.


Tell Phoenix I may be ready to head to Tahiti along with him next year. Oh, and he can bring you, too. 🙂


I can’t wait to hear your stories, Dawn. If New England wins, we’ll be looking for everyone’s favorite places to visit.


There isn’t a bad option here, Kate. If we end up north, I’ll be checking in to get your advice on the places we shouldn’t miss. Have you seen Jimmy Buffett yet?


Thanks for voting, Diane. It looks like a beautiful area. If we don’t go on this trip, we’ll definitely visit another time.

Helene Cohen Bludman

I agree with Carol Cassara. The south is too hot in August. All three are great destinations, though!


I went with the Keys. Especially in August. How can you pass up the opportunity for sailing, cocktails and crystal clear water to frolic in?

Plus? I’ve lived in New England (CT) and visited NC.


First – thanks for the shout out on the video. I’m thrilled you picked New England as one of your choices. We go to the Outer Banks in NC, but I would pick the Keys over that. Wherever you go, you’ll have a great time!


Elena, I’m trying to be very objective in my comments. We really don’t have a preference. The Florida Keys do look amazing. 🙂


I wondered how hot it would be, Carol. Won’t we be able to just jump in the closest body of water to cool off?


Come along with us, Liz. Although, the final destination hasn’t been decided yet. We grew up in Colorado. Mary moved to Arizona and still lives there. Wendy moved around a bit more, but other than the western part of Florida, we’ve never explored any of these areas.


Thanks for your participation, Dana! They are all great destinations. I can’t wait to dig into the planning.


Hi Sarah! Thanks for voting. I have to admit, I’m on the edge of my seat so I’ve visited the website several times today just to check the totals. I wonder if I’ll have any nails left by the time the poll closes.


Lisa, Our budget, not including airfare, is $500 each. So, Hawaii was out of the question for this trip. It is on my list, so I’ll definitely visit one of these years.

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