Thursday Frustrations

A little bit of wind has been taken out of my sails. It’s temporary. But today, I’m frustrated.


The good news is that Getty has decided to allow us use of millions of photos for free. If I don’t use my own pictures on my blog, I purchase a license to use them from iStockphoto. So, I should be jumping up and down thinking of all the money I’ll save. Except, I’m one of those photographers. What if anyone could take our blog posts and put them up on their site without our permission as long as they link it to our blogs and give us credit? Does it still sound like a good idea?

I’m a stock photographer and have been for the last five years. When I started, my hope was that the income would pay for my travel in the years to come. So I’ve worked hard to keep improving, including purchasing expensive equipment and software.

I’ve made a lot of friends in the stockosphere from all over the world who are concerned about what will happen as this system moves forward. Some of them rely on their stock income to support their families. I know this latest move has changed my plans. With a few minor exceptions, I won’t be uploading more of my work. I hope things improve, but I’m not holding my breath.


One of the best parts of being in the blogging community is the support and friendship of other bloggers. They are always willing to offer tips and inspire me as I learn. So, we comment on each others blogs and have the opportunity to read incredible work. I’ll be able to say I knew them when…as they publish successful books and at some point, have a movie made from their incredible work.

Most of us work full-time in addition to working on our writing addiction, so I understand when people don’t visit my site and comment on a regular basis. Sometimes I have a lot going each week, so I may not be able to do it either.  But, when I comment, I try to be thoughtful and sincere.

I commented on a blog post the other day and opened up about a painful part of my life. The post was incredible and it really touched me. I could relate and wanted to offer up my support and my experience. The author of the post hasn’t even taken the time to acknowledge comments from all the visitors.

Please, give me just a little common courtesy and respond to me when I take time out to visit and sincerely comment on your blog.  Luckily, this is far the exception rather than the norm. But, I have to admit, this one really bothered me because I shared my heart. So, there is one blog where I won’t be commenting in the future. That gives me more time visit other sites where my participation is appreciated.

Okay, frustrations aired. Sorry for the rant. The good news is I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, including the next session of my tough love writing class. I’m hoping for another amazing breakthrough. And, on top of that, it’s going to be a beautiful day. Spring is in the air.

Carol Cassara

It seems like the online universe is changing every day, faster and faster. It’s hard to keep up with the things that impact our lives and our businesses and to constantly have to recreate our business selves to stay solvent. I hear you. We all have those days when things just get to us. It’s human. Love your photo, by the way (smiling).
I just heard a similar complaint about commenters from another blogger, but that’s not been my experience. I think only one blogger fails to routine respond. Come visit my blog any time. I review my comments all the time and respond.
;-)) Hope your sense of spring is on the money, we’re all ready!


Thanks Carol. It’s possible that this blogger had something going on and will eventually respond. I tried to delete my comment, but the site didn’t allow me to do so. I’ll keep visiting you on a regular basis, not only because you will respond, but I love your writing. I was actually at the group shoot where that photo was taken. It’s a picture of one of my favorite photographer friends. 🙂


I agree with your point about people responding to your comments. I have had the same experience, and I don’t read their blog anymore because of it. I work full time, but I always take time to read others’ blogs and comment and respond to those few who comment on mine! And I ranted today as well, so you’re not alone in that either:)

Bonnie Schupp

I too was taken back by the Getty announcement. I see it as their way to have a little control in a world that is spinning out of control. My reaction…I might as well give away all my images because I am not going to make any money from them.

Your poster “jasteck says” makes a good point. That blogger could have things going on. You never know.

I too am a blogger with a different gripe. I’ve received some strange pending posts on my blogs lately. They don’t relate directly to my blog topic, they all seem to be written by someone who is not a native English speaker, they always include a link to somewhere else and they are all posted by “anonymous.” I suspect they are written by people in other countries, who are getting paid each time they do this. The businesses these posters work for promote high rankings for sites through higher search engine rankings–the more links there are to a site, the higher the Google ranking. (It’s more complex than this but that’s the general idea.) Since I moderate comments on my blogs, I do not approve them and report them as spam. It still annoys me, however, that people are running sleazy businesses like this. How in the world do they find my blogs anyway?


I like the communication line that comments seem to open up, and I’m a big fan of bloggers who comment back. It sounds like this might have been an emotional post (if it triggered something in you). I’m just speculating. I’ve only written one really raw post, and I got so much support from the blogger community that it made me realize that’s a whole new outlet for empathy, but in this other blogger’s defense…I wonder if it is so emotionally triggering for him/her that he/she finds it difficult to respond?


I have to admit that I don’t really understand what the best practices are with respect to using pictures. I have used photos from the internet, but it’s not my preferred practice for sure.

As for the commenting, I don’t read blogs where the author doesn’t interact with the readers. Make an effort for god’s sake, it’s half the fun of blogging to me. Sometimes, it takes me a while to get to comments, so maybe this person will get to yours in time!

Beth Ann Chiles

I am sorry for your sadness today but totally understand it. While I am not a professional photographer by any means I would be upset if I found one of my images used without my permission. I am pretty gracious but for goodness sakes—ask!!! I especially feel for those who make a living off of their images and find them popping up other places with no mention of credit. I have to admit when I first started blogging 6 years ago I was not very savvy but have learned a bit (thank goodness) and try to be very pro active in promoting other bloggers and writers and photographers, etc. It is a big world out there and we need to appreciate each other, right?
As for the comments—since my blog promotes Comments for a Cause I LOVE comments and would not even consider not responding to those who take the time to make a comment. It is just the right thing to do.
Hope your day gets a bit brighter! 🙂

Little Miss Wordy

I agree with you on it being common courtesy to respond to comments. I understand how busy everyone is out here and how many other blogs there are to read etc.When I don’t have time to comment, I just hit like to let them know I read and enjoyed. However, when something really moves me I comment and on my own blog I make it a point to respond to all comments. When someone takes the time to really share something about themselves because of something I wrote, I am honored, flattered, touched and you can bet I’ll respond.

The interaction is part of the blogging, otherwise we would just keep a diary. 😉


I have at times taken a few days to think about a response when someone wrote something emotional. Perhaps this is the case? i hope so because i would hate if you received no response at all.

Phoebe Wulliman Graber

Thanks for sharing about the photographers’ side to the Getty Images decision! I saw the headline this am (didn’t get to the article, yet) and thought “Cool beans!”. But after reading your comments, I’m not so sure now.

My blog is small and so I have no budget for purchasing photos. I want to blog with integrity and don’t wish to short change anyone. No easy answers I’m afraid.


I’m with you, Michelle. I’m sorry to see that your weather is horrible and your refrigerator quit working. I hope there has been some good news today.


I know exactly what you mean about the spammers, Bonnie. That is frustrating. I have a spam filter, so the majority of them go there so I don’t have to view them, just delete the bunch. The Getty announcement is frightening for photographers and I’m not sure that it is such a great deal for bloggers. Embed a photo and in a few months, you’ll have ads running on your posts. Be careful what you wish for. I’m sorry that you’ll be impacted, too.


Mandi, You are right about it being an emotional post and an emotional response for me. Looking back, I’m not sure that posting my frustration was the right thing to do, but it’s done. I’ll just be a little more careful where I post from here. Thank you!


Don, I guess I’m more aware of the “rules” related to use of photos since I’m a photographer and it impacts me. I pay for the photos I use because I believe the photographers should get paid and I know how the system works. Many others aren’t aware of how things work and do their best to do what’s right. On comments, I usually try to address comments when I get home from work, so there is a bit of a delay. I really appreciate everyone who stops by and leaves a comment. I know your time is valuable. So now, I can just let it go and move on to more positive stuff. Thanks for stopping by!


Beth, Thanks! My day has been much brighter. I know my frustrations are small stuff in comparison to some people, so I’ll get over it. The Getty embed feature will be interesting. It will impact microstock agencies and photographers around the world. Getty does “own” image libraries, but the majority of photos that are being featured as free across the internet are owned by individual photographers. It’s a sad day for stock photographers.


Thanks for the chuckle, Little Miss Wordy. I love your statement “The interaction is part of the blogging, otherwise we would just keep a diary.” I need to frame that quote so I can hang it on my wall. The incredible relationships that are developed through blogging are so much fun!


That’s very possible, Kate. I guess I let my frustration get to me this morning. I hope to get a response, but if not, life still goes on.


Phoebe, It’s a scary move by Getty. I am so glad that I have a job that pays my bills. No one is quite sure what the impact will be yet, but I don’t think it’s going to be good for photographers. Everyone has to decide for themselves how to move forward. I don’t begrudge small bloggers the need to have help with images. It can get expensive. But at some point, Getty will make sure they gain some income off the use of the photos that get embedded and they will get paid for ads running on our blogs if we use the new “free” tool.

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