A World Full of Teachers

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Here’s where I show my age…again.
I graduated from high school in 1977. I know many of you weren’t even born yet. I loved my high school years. No, I wasn’t the most popular kid, but I had wonderful friends and teachers who inspired me.

I went to college, on and off, over the next twenty-five years and finally got my B.A. in Organizational Management. Most of the teachers were wonderful, but there were a few that pushed their own political agendas or berated students. There are a number of advantages to attending college as a working adult, my favorite was calling BS when needed. After all those years, I happily received my degree and moved on.

While I’m done with formal school, the best part of my education happens everyday. Aren’t we lucky to learn from a world of teachers?

  • This week I met with an estate attorney to get my will in order. He took the time to thoroughly educate me about my options and to help me select the best plan for me and my family.
  • I spoke with my investment advisor just this morning who answered all my questions and helped me confirm my investments are in order.
  • I’ve finished two writing classes since the beginning of the year and start my next one, Travel Writing, in two weeks. The instructors have been amazing.
  • I learn from several of my coworkers, but one, in particular, has such a wonderful attention to detail that results in large complex plans working in difficult situations. She cares about all the moving parts and each person who plays a role. It’s an inspiration.
  • Over the years, I’ve taken classes in stained glass, drawing, history, photography, software, exercise, diet and may even take some video classes soon.
  • I’ve traveled to wonderful places and learned about other areas of the country and the world.
  • Even things as simple as the man showing incredible patience as we wait in line to get served and the next door neighbor watering my flowers during the summer when I’m out of town, teach me something.
  • I’m also learning a lot from my fellow bloggers who help me improve my writing and my blog. They encourage, inspire and push me to play harder.

There are so many people, adults and children alike, who teach me something new nearly every day.Β And, I hope that in turn, people learn something positive from me, too. So while the formal education is over, at least for now, my life education will never be complete while I live and breathe.

Let’s face it…I LOVE LEARNING!

What have you learned in the last few days?

Janine Huldie

I don’t want to tell you that I was actually born in 1977 in June, but I was. And I too am learning daily from others all over the world, including other bloggers and writers, too. So, can very much relate to that and that you so much for sharing and again linking up with us. Enjoy your Friday now!! πŸ™‚

Lois Alter Mark

I totally agree! I even love learning something new on Facebook every day! Wouldn’t you love to go back to college now (minus the tests and grades) and just take classes that interested you?! So much to learn out there!

Susan Bonifant

I learned (well learned again) how little I need to be happy but that one of those things is to always, always have something, big or small to look forward to on my schedule.


Some colleges offer the opportunity to audit classes. I think at a specific age it might even be free. I’m going to check it out, Lois. I would love to go back.


That’s a great idea, Susan. There are so many opportunities out there from afternoon seminars to weekend classes. I do look forward to all of them.


I didn’t know you taught college classes, Carol. I used to facilitate the Seven Habits class at work. It was a blast!

Sarah Rudell Beach

OK, I was alive then… barely πŸ˜‰ I too think it is so important to keep learning. I once saw a statistic that only half of US adults read a book in the last year!!! How does that happen???

Michelle AKA Dribbles and Grits

We are always growing. Always learning. Love the post and the outlook on life. I am a little jealous you are definitely more responsible than I am, but since you worked really had for that, I guess the jealousy is more of an I look up to you for that. I don’t have a will yet. My issue is where do the children go if my husband and I both die at the same time? I can’t answer that question. And because my brain jumps, things I’ve learned in the last few days…

1. Book Fair should have been a budgeted expense like rent.
2. When someone asks to borrow your mop, just say No.
3. Whatever the husband has eaten in the past day or two should never be eaten by him again. Just ask my bathroom.
4. If my kid asks me to get off the computer to get her something, that might just be a ploy to take the computer.
5. If ever you feel like God isn’t with you, just love people (neighbor, enemy) because that’s God.
6. Putin is pronounced Pootin
7. People who think vaccines caused autism do not always think that because of Jenny but because their kids started acting different after being vaccinated, and they seem to think there is something wrong with their kid not because there is something wrong with autism but because they are almost certain their kid wasn’t meant to be that way. That took some serious reflection and reading in between the lines to learn that.
8. Draconians might not actually exist
9. The NFL is a trade association hence why it’s considered non-profit, but tickets to the superbowl are not tax deductible.
10. The crazy woman at Walmart taught me that when you start passionately screaming and cussing at people, which appears randomly to them even if you had a reason, people are going to think you are drinking and on drugs long before they will ever think you were wronged to make you that way. Anger management might save your dignity.

Kelly L McKenzie

I’m heading into the classroom in just a few hours. Taking my second pie making class. The first one was about 15 years ago and I arrived home at 10:00 PM to find my on call husband had been called in. He took both our babies with him, bless him. Today I won’t have that problem. Here’s hoping I can perfect the “pie crust.”


I absolutely love this approach, treating the world, your experiences and the people you meet as teachers. I think it helps maintain curiosity and vivaciousness and I believe that as long as you’re curious, you’re young and the year you graduated has nothing to do with it πŸ™‚ I love the classes you took last year, given the opportunity I would have definitely taken some photography and writing classes (I’ve actually taken one photography class in the past, which I’ve enjoyed tremendously). Great outlook and great post!

Kristi Campbell

I took so many classes in my 20’s and 30’s and I don’t regret any of them. Mostly. One was a tactile printing one from graphic design and it was dumb, mostly because I think I knew more than the teacher did…which you know, the class is as good as the teacher right?
I still want to take a photography class because I always expect these amazing photos of my little boy and they’re all bad, with the exception of one or two being okay enough and I know that if I knew what I was doing, they’d be great.
I also have to thank you for saying that you met with an estate lawyer recently. This has been weighing on my mind heavily as my husband and I have difficult circumstances with him having 2 kids from before and us having one together and me putting more into our house than he did, and our kid together having special needs….been meaning to redo our arrangement for a while and I hope (feel free to pound me on facebook or wherever) that this has been the reminder I needed to get our butts in gear. xo


I can’t believe that all adults don’t read, Sarah. That’s shocking! I probably average at least a couple of books a month.


I’m single and love to travel, so I want to make sure that I have all my ducks in a row in case something happens, Michelle. Having a will brings such peace. I love your list of learnings. They made me smile and I’ve wondered many of the same things. πŸ™‚


A pie making class sounds fabulous, Kelly. I love pies. Let me know when I can stop by to sample. I’ll bring the ice cream. πŸ™‚


I think maybe you need to be the teacher, Kristi. I’m so glad I took care of the will and trust. It makes me feel so much better. With my big trip coming up in a couple of months, I wanted to make sure it was done. I’ll check in to see if you’ve made progress.

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