Is Full Time Traveling After Retirement an Option?

Retirement TravelingAs I’ve continued to research life after retirement, I’ve been amazed at how differently it looks for so many people. Retirees leaving full-time jobs have so many options these days, with people living healthier and longer lives. Here is just one example: Lynne and Tim Martin, who retired into full-time traveling. I’m fascinated by this couple who sold their home and spend several months at a time living in different countries. They blog about their travels on

Lynn and Tim’s story sounded so amazing, I wondered, could I do it? Sell my house and spend the majority of my life on the road experiencing other parts of the country and the world?


While it sounds intriguing and I’m planning to follow along on their adventures through their new book and blog, I just can’t imagine stepping into that life.


I love returning to my house and knowing there is someplace safe, quiet and yes, filled with my photos and other things that make my life so comfortable. I can’t imagine selling almost everything. I like to be surrounded by my stuff. I also love my neighborhood and the convenience of grocery stores and restaurants that are within walking distance.

Family members and friends live fairly close by and it’s easy to spend time together on holidays and spur of the moment kinds of things, like movies and dinner. I know there are single people who travel a lot, but for me it would be difficult living “on the road” by myself.


And…just as important to me are my pets, my two dogs Olive and Sadie, and the royal kitty, Bubba. I don’t ever plan on not having animals as part of my life.  Coming home to wagging tails is such a wonderful thing after a long busy day at work and knowing that I can spend more time with them after I retire is a bonus.

I admire how adventurous Lynn and Tim are as they live in different places around the world, many that I plan to visit. Full time traveling is certainly an option, but not one for me. Most of my retirement time will include home, family and furry friends.

Is full time traveling something you’d ever consider?

Sarah @ LeftBrainBuddha

I could never travel full time, but I hope I can travel after I retire! My parents belong to a “destination club” where they get 60 days a year in residences/houses all over the world – kinda like a timeshare, but you have 100s of places to choose from, not just your one place. So they are traveling a lot, but home a lot. Ahhh, the life!

Carol Cassara

Only if I could bring Riley. We’re considering two month-long rentals next year in cities we love, but with our dog. We do manage to travel a lot anyway, thanks to our fabulous in-house pet sitter, who moves in and whom Riley considers a favorite auntie!


I am with you, living vicariously through others adventures. I enjoy traveling but I love coming home. I am emotionally attached to my home, my cats, my garden, my own stuff!

Shelley Dennis

Although I’ll never be able to retire, I’d love to travel LOTS more (as long as my new puppy can come with me!). That’s why I started the new blog at, in hopes that it would inspire me to create more adventures!

Claudia Schmidt

I don’t think I could do full time traveling, with no home to come back to, but I do intend to take at least 2 big overseas trip each year when I retire (if my money holds out)!


A destination club sounds interesting, Sarah. I’ll have to check it out. I hope you get lots of traveling in after you retire.


Same here, Shelley. Although staying in a house for a couple of weeks at a travel destination sounds intriguing.


I’m glad you’ve found a wonderful house sitter, Carol. My son stays at my house while I’m traveling, but it won’t work for more long term. I can’t wait to follow your travels. 🙂


It’s so wonderful following all the amazing adventures that people take, Haralee. I know it inspires me to go different places, but my family and friends are the most important thing to me. So coming home to them is the best!!


If you find a way to make it happen, let me know, Barbara. I’ll follow along in your footsteps. 🙂


I love your blog and your new puppy, Shelley. It’s a fantastic start and it’s so fun following both of you.


That sounds fabulous, Claudia! I’m planning to set aside a specific travel budget. I’m hoping it stretches far enough for some wonderful trips.

Brian Luckhurst from Home Exchange 50plus

I love traveling and intend to do lots more of it, and I really like the idea of spending a few months in certain destinations to get to know it, but it is always nice to return home and sleep in one’s own bed again.

For those of you who like to travel but are concerned about the costs, can I please give a plug for Home Exchange as it is a great way to vacation and save money at the same time as the accommodation is free. It is not however just about the huge savings that can be made but also about the wonderful experiences gained and the friendships forged.

Best wishes to all



Brian, I checked out your website. It sounds intriguing. I’m not sure if I would be willing to exchange homes, but it’s definitely a thought for the future.

Brian Luckhurst from Home Exchange 50plus

Swapping Homes is a great concept but it does not suit everyone but once you have exchanged for the first time and enjoyed the experience most people swap again and more than once. I recommend that you browse some home exchange websites and view the properties on offer and read about the people involved and that may change your mind.



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