Our Firsts Are Never Done

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Yesterday I posted a link to a video about An and Ria’s First Flight. An and Ria are in their 70’s and had never flown on a plane before. Their reactions are priceless.

There are so many firsts in life:

First steps
First words
First day at school
First dance
First kiss
First job
First love

The list goes on and on and then…sometimes the firsts stop. When was the last time I did something I’ve never done before? Did something new? Took a risk? Was brave?

There are studies that show that people who keep learning, stay engaged and exercise may not experience so much confusion as they get older. My plan is stay healthy as I age and, just as importantly, keep regular doses of excitement in my life.

My next first is traveling to a foreign country without anyone I know. It’s a small group trip with others. My ultimate goal is to enjoy travel whenever I’d like, even when my favorite travel buddies are unavailable. This ultimately means trips by myself.

Then, who knows? Maybe I’ll learn a new language or try scuba diving. There are so many things I’ve never experienced before just waiting for my attention. Life is going to continue to be interesting and entertaining.

What firsts do you have planned?


First scuba diving experience – age 50.
First snowboarding experience – age 60.
Who knows what I’ll be doing at 70! 🙂


Just did a blog post about my first airplane trip in 2008- age 54

Really want to take my first trip to Ireland in the next 2 years.

Great post. Thanks for sharing


Good for you, Doreen. I checked out Luann Cahn’s blog. She’s doing some wonderful things. I’d love to hear about your list once you get it done. 🙂


I’d never heard of cranial-sacral sessions, Carol. It sounds interesting. I hope it went well. Your willingness to try new things always inspires me.


That’s fantastic, Diane! I took my first writing class in January, now I’m on my third. I’m headed on my first adventure without anyone I know and went to White Sands for the first time on my first landscape photographer trip. Nothing quite as adventurous as you, although scuba diving does interest me. Bravo!


Getting on an airplane opens up so many potential adventures, Kathy. I’ve been to Ireland and it was fabulous. You will love it. The people are amazing and the landscapes are incredible. I hope to return one day.


I am visiting the Vatican at the end of May. That’s a first. Traveling by myself without the husband and kiddos – that’s another first. I am also working on some writing – a HUGE risky-first for me. I think it’s important to jump and not look, sometimes. A well planned risk doesn’t sound like much of a risk at all. That’s kind of how I choose my next move. It has to be somewhat calculated, I have babies involved!


That’s fabulous, Cristina! The Vatican? It’s on my list. Congratulations on all your firsts. You’re a great example for your children. 🙂

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