What’s on Your Kindle or E-Reader?

I was one of those people who held back purchasing a Kindle. There was something about caressing a brand new book, turning each page eagerly (in most cases) to see what came next. I finally broke down a few years ago, buying one of the early models that you only read on and it’s opened up my world.

  • I now read anywhere. My library fits in my purse. Every time I have a few unexpected minutes, I can pull it out and easily find my place.
  • When a friend recommends a new book, I can have it downloaded in just a couple of minutes and store it until I’m ready to dig in.
  • I no longer have hundreds of books in piles on my bookshelves. I only save my very favorites. Just imagine how relieved I’m going to be next time I don’t have to move 20-30 heavy boxes of books.
  • My Kindle saves money. Not only to I save money when I buy books cheaper, I also don’t accidentally duplicate purchases like I used to.
  • I can fit more usable stuff in my luggage when I travel since I save so much weight and room by not packing so many books.

I still buy books that are resource or self help kinds of publications because I like writing in the margins. But the rest are all downloaded. Finally, a glimpse into the library on my Kindle reveals that I have 106 items including the following:

There it is, a brief look into what I’ve been reading. Now that I’ve shown you mine, what’s on yours?

Lois Alter Mark

I still enjoy books better than reading on the Kindle but it does come in handy on trips. I’m finally going to start the Goldfinch and my favorite book recently was Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things. Beautiful!


I too still enjoy holding a book although I’ve read several on my iPad and one on my iPhone (50 Shades of Grey). I downloaded “Moby Dick” audio book on my iPhone and listened through chapter 16 on my blue tooth while driving. The download must have gone wrong because there was nothing beyond it. Since it took 16 chapters and Ishmael still hadn’t gone to sea, I will probably skip this one. 🙂

These are the latest books I’ve read, some paper books, others e-books:

After I’m Gone – Laura Lippman

How to be a Woman – Caitlin Moran

The Museum of Extraordinary Things – Alice Hoffman

That Mean Old Yesterday– Stacey Patton

Front Stoops in the Fifties – Michael Olesker

Persepolis – Marjane Satrapi

I am Malala – Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb

Suzanne Fluhr

I have Pride and Prejudice too. I think it was a free download 😉 I have some travel narratives, a Michael Connelly legal thriller (I’m a recovering lawyer) and a book I’m reviewing about end of life issues.


I’ve heard about “Gone Girl” before, Rena, but never about “Wild”. Thanks for the great recommendations!


I had no idea that Moby Dick dragged on so much, Bonnie. Thank you for sharing your list. I definitely intend to read I am Malala. She’s amazing!


It’s so easy to carry it along and read during down time, Kate. I spend much less, but I also try to add a few cheap buys from time to time or download from the Amazon free library.


I’m sure it was a free download, Suzanne. I want to add travel narratives, too. I’m taking a travel writing class right now, so they would provide some good inspiration. End of Life issues…that would be a different read for me, but very important. I love the diversity.

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