Impromptu Girlfriends

PedicureIt was Christy’s birthday last week and I was part of her celebration. Now, I know none of you probably know Christy and are wondering why I’m sharing this information. The fact is, I don’t really know Christy either. Let me back up…

I walked into the nail salon and selected colors for both my toes and fingers in preparation for my trip, never guessing that I was going to have to cancel, but that’s another story. I settled into the chair for my pedicure with a huge sigh. I love pedicures. There were two ladies, friends, sitting across the aisle enjoying a conversation while they were being treated to relaxing foot massages. I pulled out my kindle and started to read, comfortable and content.

A few minutes later, the bell to the door went off and in walked another woman (Christy’s sister) to the delighted squeals of the ladies. She was dressed up in a bright and colorful flower covered dress and sweater and carrying a gift bag and twelve pack of diet coke. That’s when the festivities began.

After apologies for ruining my quiet spa like atmosphere, they invited me and the salon ladies to join them in the celebration of Christy’s 48th birthday. We began toasting with Diet Coke and then, thanks to the liquor store nearby, ended up with a glass of champagne.

The topics of conversation varied:

“Get the surgery. It will change your life and if it doesn’t, I’ll pay for it!” (early incontinence)

“Honey, it’s either bangs or botox.” (after Christy made fun of  commented on her sister’s new self cut bangs)

“There are no wrinkles on a balloon!” (there may be some advantages to being overweight)

“It’s better to take drugs and smoke than to be fat.” (maybe no advantages to being overweight)

We laughed and shared growing older tips and frustrations for the next hour all the way through my pedicure and manicure. It was the delightful and unexpected highlight of my day, even beyond the foot massage.

I love impromptu girlfriends, don’t you?



I’m not sure I’ll ever see them again, Michelle, but it was sure fun when it happened. Pedicures are my favorite!!

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