Lucky 13 – Pounds That Is

Diet and exercise for good healthEleven weeks ago I began searching for a trainer to help me with my weight loss and fitness goals. After finding fees of $60-$70 an hour, I changed my focus to an exercise program that fit my priorities.

  1. Convenient times and location, especially early morning hours
  2. Workout planned so I didn’t have to spend time figuring out what to do
  3. Whole body workout including weights and cardio
  4. The ability to workout at my own pace 
  5. Limited socializing – workout focused
  6. Variety

After an initial free workout, I decided that Orange Theory Fitness fit the bill. The classes are one hour in length and are varied to include strength, core and cardio components. One of my favorite parts is the use of heart rate monitors that track my progress as I’m training.

The first week was tough. I needed modifications on almost every exercise and I was easily the heaviest person in class. I climbed into my car in tears after one session. I felt like such a failure and beat myself up for letting myself gain all this weight. But…I was determined to keep going.

Today, I’m 13 pounds down and have shrinking cankles! I feel much better and while burpees are still impossible, I can hold a plank for 1 minute. Now while 13 pounds is only about 14% of what I need to lose, it’s a great start and I’m proud of myself.

This year the burpee, next year a 14’er!!

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