Bubble Man of Frankfurt

Sometimes getting lost in a big city is a good thing.

I left the airport in Frankfurt for a brief tour of the city during my layover. Almost from the moment I stepped out of the train station I was lost. The streets listed on the map were so small, I had a hard time reading them. A few blocks later, I decided to ask for help. A friendly couple stopped and pointed me in the right direction. I traveled a few streets too far and ended up on a pedestrian style mall. There I found the Bubble Man. He was a street performer unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and he spread his joy with bubbles. 

Bubble Man Frankfurt

The children laughed chasing the bubbles down and the adults laughed along. There is something about bubbles that sends me back in time to when I was a kid. I found myself giggling out loud.

Bubble Man Frankfurt

The Bubble Man reminded me of a conductor and we all stopped to appreciate his music. About five minutes later, the rainstorm hit and the magic was packed away. I never would have found him if I hadn’t been lost. What a fun moment in time.

Thanks for sharing your joy, Bubble Man!

Chris Carter

AW!! Too cool!! I wanna see the Bubble Man!! I just love the message of this Jennifer! It’s just so true- sometimes our greatest moments come unplanned and off the path we were supposed to be on in the first place.


Chris, That is so true. I’ve focused on being very flexible on this trip and it has definitely paid off. I’m excited to share every part. Now I just need to be lucky with finding internet so I can post more of the journey.

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