Dipping My Toe into the Solo Travel Waters

The freedom of solo travel

The first time I ever traveled solo was the day I stepped off the train into Salzburg, Austria in the fall of 2000. I broke the first rule of solo travel safety by demonstrating that I was an obviously lost tourist as I opened the large noisy map and studied it closely. Thankfully, a small older woman quickly pointed me in the right direction and I was on my way. I loved Salzburg. I had a wonderful time viewing areas I’d been long admiring in the movie The Sound of Music. I returned to Munich and reunited with my friends later that night.

While I’m not quite a solo travel virgin, my upcoming trip will challenge my ability to travel without anyone I know. My first few days, I’ll be on my own just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve been to the Cape Town area before. It’s a beautiful city where people are very friendly. This is where I have scheduled the cage diving with the great white sharks. There is a BIG smile on my face just thinking about it.

Then, I head to Namibia where I’ll meet up with fellow travelers I’ve never met who are joining me on the safari. There will be a maximum of eight people and our guide. So, my first solo trip isn’t really solo. It was a good compromise to help me begin the adjustment.

My love of travel has taken me to many exotic places, some of them are locations where very few people I know want to go. The trips are usually about two weeks long and can be expensive. I save and plan my vacations around these opportunities to travel. For me, the choice is to learn to travel on my own for those times when my travel buddies can’t come, or to just not go. I don’t consider delaying or missing an opportunity to travel a good option, so I’m on the path for solo travel.

I’m not someone who minds being alone, as a matter of fact, I’m an introvert so I need this time to recharge. I’m also single, so I’m used to doing things alone at times, like eating out and going to the movies. Still, I am a bit nervous about not having someone else to rely on when traveling in other countries.

Luckily, there are women who have already traveled this road and are very happy they did. Here are just a couple of my favorite solo travelers who inspire me and provide great information for those of us on the same path.

Journey Woman

Solo Travel

This trip is an adventure in many ways and I’m excited to get started. Let the countdown continue…

Is solo travel something you’ve ever considered? Any tips?


I am so excited for you as I know you have been looking forward to this trip for so long. I look forward to you keeping us updated on your adventures. Safe travels!


I’m so glad to hear that Carol. It is going to be interesting and I’m hoping to meet some amazing people along the way.


As much as I enjoy traveling with friends, in many ways, I prefer to travel alone. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

Lucy Ball

Wow! That sounds amazing. I absolutely LOVE to travel. LOVE. I’m here for the first time. I’m looking forward to reading more about your travels.


Thank you for stopping by, Lucy. I LOVE to travel, too. The biggest part of my entertainment budget goes to my travel savings account.

Kristi Campbell

Jennifer, your trip sounds truly incredible! I hope you’ll share a ton of photos. I’ve only traveled solo for work, which doesn’t really count because I met up with a bunch of coworkers. I did get to go to some great places though, Sweden, Greece, London, France…
When are you leaving? I’m so excited for you!!!


I’m leaving on Sunday, Kristi. After all the planning and the delays and the dreaming, it’s finally here. I’ll have lots of photos for sure. You have really traveled to some incredible places. I haven’t spent time in any of them, but they are all on my list. I’ll keep posting as time and internet access permits.

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