Abstract Travel Quiz

In between processing photos for my trips to Namibia and Maine, I came across a couple abstract style travel photos that I thought you might like. Any guesses onย what they are?

Photo 1:

travel abstract

Photo 2:

travel quiz

If I didn’t remember where I was when I took them, I’d have a hard time guessing myself. I love abstracts just as much as I love panorama photos. ๐Ÿ™‚


This is really hard! I know Maine pretty well, but have never been to Africa. Here are my guesses!
Photo 1:
Where the Atlantic meets the desert in Namibia (or a riverbed), from a plane with a flock of white pelicans or Cape gannet or some other bird.

Photo 2:
The sandy beach in Arcadia National Park, Maine. It’s the only sand I can think of along the Maine shoreline.

Dave Warren

I’m guessing the first photo is a flock of pelicans, like Dawn said, or a flock of flamingos, even though they appear to be white. I’ve never been to Maine but the second photo looks like you’re looking down a sand dune with high tide coming in.

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