Waiting for Whales – Hermanus, South Africa

There is something about whales that I find amazing. The only opportunity I’ve had to see them in person is when I traveled to Antarctica in 2009. So, it was a delight to see a Southern Right Whale just off the shores of Hermanus, South Africa¬†on my trip last month.

I imagine if I lived in or near Hermanus, my butt print would permanently be etched on one or more of these rocks.

Wait for it…

Hermanus, South Africa

Sometimes nature just takes my breath away.

Hermanus, South Africa


I will never forget watching whales in Sook, British Columbia. We were in a small Zodiac. After seeing these mangestic creatures in the wild, I decided I never want to go to Sea World and other places that keep them in captivity!


I know exactly what you mean, Bonnie. I would have loved to go out in a zodiac this trip but the ocean was too rough. They are so playful and curious. It’s amazing.

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