Puppy Love: Selecting Her Royal Fur-ness

At first there were three. Three of the cutest puppies I’d ever seen. How on earth was I going to select just one? I sat down on the floor and we opened the gate. Here they came, one and all. Her Royal Fur-ness was not going to make it easy. She wanted me to work for it.

After picking each one up several times, it became clear which puppy was mine. I held her close and she melted into me. She sighed loudly and relaxed as she tucked her head under my neck. Once I breathed in that puppy breath I knew it was her.

Let me formally introduce Lady Scarlett O’hair-a. Lady Scarlett was born on New Year’s Day and is a six week old English Golden Retriever, currently of Willow Downs.






Now, that is one cute puppy. Of course, I am biased. Lady Scarlett will be joining Olive, her big sister, and Bubba, her older feline brother, in the next month or so. Scarlett will be trained to become a therapy dog, visiting hospitals and other places where people can benefit from a bit of snuggling from Her Royal Fur-ness.

And, speaking from personal experience, she’s already a master at the snuggle. 


She’s too little to come home now, Dawn. When she does, you are welcome to visit for hugging whenever you want.


I hope Scarlett will be joining us on some of our photo shoots, Liz. Maybe everyone needs to bring their dogs and we’ll do doggy portraits.

Julie Jo Severson

Oh how adorable. My good friend Lindsay trains puppies for this purpose. Such a wonderful thing. I’m melting over these pictures, and I’m going to give my little one a big hug right now.


Training her is going to be a joy, Julie. Your friend is making an incredible difference, along with these amazing dogs.


Thanks Liv. It was really hard to decide on a name with all the options, but this one seemed perfect. High drama with a bit of humor.

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