The Children of God

God walks this world on the pads of our feet,
He hears the cries
and sees the tears of His children
through our ears and eyes.

And He touches His children with our hands…
loving, cradling, strengthening.
He speaks the hope and encouragement of His love
through our mouths.

God is in us
and works through us.
Open your arms,
cradle, encourage and love…
The Children of God.

Jennifer Steck©1996

A Good Cry

A little girl was sent on an errand by her mother. She took much too long in coming back. Mother, therefore, demanded an explanation when she finally did return. The little girl explained that on her way she had met a friend who was crying because she had broken her doll.

“Oh,” said the mother, “then you stopped to help her fix her doll?”

“Oh, no.” replied the little girl. “I stopped to help her cry.”

Unknown Author

Sometimes a good cry can make all the difference…

Hello world!

Fifteen years ago, three sisters developed a print newsletter called “Crosswinds” that started with thirty copies sent to friends and family. Crosswinds was a free Christian encouragement newsletter with a mission: to provide an outlet for people to touch and encourage others through the love of Jesus Christ. We found that we weren’t just encouraging others, they were encouraging us.

The newsletter finally came to an end two years later with a readership of more than 300 from around the United States and Canada. Life, as usual, had gotten busy and mailings were expensive. It was time to move on to another adventure.

With changes in technology and children who have now grown into adults, we’ve decided to start anew. A Brief Pause is designed to remind us that sometimes we need to slow down to recognize and enjoy gifts that appear in our lives every day.  Here you will find thoughts, poetry, stories, photos and challenges for visitors to ponder.

Please feel free to share your comments and to send us your writings so we can add them. You never know who you will inspire.