Achieving Your Goals – A Free Make it Happen Worksheet


Almost two weeks into the new year and, if you’ve joined me in setting resolutions, it’s time to check our progress.

I’m happy with where I am at this point, but find I need to dig a little deeper into each goal so that I can set more realistic action steps. As part of that process, I’ve created a worksheet that has really helped.

Here’s a sample…

Draft Goal Setting

My goal:

To encourage and inspire others through my writing and photography

Key components of that goal include: 

Identifying and engaging an audience
Having the right platform or outlet
Improving my writing
Improving my photography
Finding the time (that’s a big one)
Marketing my efforts

Action steps:

Under each of the components, I’ve listed action steps. Some of these steps are probably large enough to be goals on their own, so I may create a separate worksheet for several of them.

Here’s a blank worksheet for you to use, if you’d like. Feel free to print and share it. I’d love to get feedback on how you’ve used it and any suggestions for improvement. I’ll be adding more resources as time goes on. This is just the beginning.

Make It Happen Worksheet