A Sparkly New Year From a Different Perspective

Planning 2016

The map spreads out before me, so expansive that I am easily overwhelmed. 

After almost thirty-two…32…30+…more than three decades, of being in one profession, I’m retiring from law enforcement. My road has been very defined for most, if not all, of my life. That’s about to change drastically.

As I look back in review, there have been ups and downs, but overall, I’m proud of the work I’ve done and how I’ve served my community. I’ll write more about that later, but for now, I’m looking forward to a bright and sparkly new year.

It’s strange, scary, exciting, intimidating…I’m not sure I can even name all the emotions that flash by quickly like an out of control slide show.  So, what do you do when life opens up and you’re walking a path you’ve never been on before? Here’s my plan.

The year will begin as it has for decades, with a relaxed timeout for an inventory and then a rough mapped route of where I want my life to travel this year. Even better, I’m facilitating a group session on mapping out the new year with my favorite people, some I know and some I will soon meet.

A new year always seems like a fresh start, building upon the foundation I’ve set over the years. While I’ve thought a lot about my path moving forward, it’s still opening a door to a place I’ve never been before.

So, I’ll be looking at life from a new perspective with lots of available choices. So, I’m choosing to have a sparkly, fun and adventure filled new year and I’m planning to share my journey here. Stay tuned!

What do you choose for the new year?

Achieving Your Goals – A Free Make it Happen Worksheet


Almost two weeks into the new year and, if you’ve joined me in setting resolutions, it’s time to check our progress.

I’m happy with where I am at this point, but find I need to dig a little deeper into each goal so that I can set more realistic action steps. As part of that process, I’ve created a worksheet that has really helped.

Here’s a sample…

Draft Goal Setting

My goal:

To encourage and inspire others through my writing and photography

Key components of that goal include: 

Identifying and engaging an audience
Having the right platform or outlet
Improving my writing
Improving my photography
Finding the time (that’s a big one)
Marketing my efforts

Action steps:

Under each of the components, I’ve listed action steps. Some of these steps are probably large enough to be goals on their own, so I may create a separate worksheet for several of them.

Here’s a blank worksheet for you to use, if you’d like. Feel free to print and share it. I’d love to get feedback on how you’ve used it and any suggestions for improvement. I’ll be adding more resources as time goes on. This is just the beginning.

Make It Happen Worksheet



Multi Frigging Tasking

The annoying beeping begins at 5:30am.

I hit the snooze button.

Ten minutes later it starts quietly then increases in volume.


(Extreme cussing in the background)

Translation: wake up…wake up…Get Up…Get Up…WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU, GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED!

My alarm has gone off at 5:30am on work days for years. I used to hit the snooze button until 6:30am. Then I’d drag myself out of bed. Some days, I’d turn on the light at 5:30am, grab my laptop and browse until it was time to get ready. My third option was to turn on the television and watch the news until, you got it, I needed to get ready for work. A lot of wasted time.

Since one of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to lose 15 pounds of my 75 pound 5 year goal, I’m working my plan. Knowing how quickly I give up BIG lifestyle changes, I’ve started at a reasonable, more likely to succeed, pace. I plan to average at least a mile each day of movement over and above my normal activity.

So, I’m multitasking. The alarm goes off at 5:30am (normal), I hit the snooze button (normal), I don’t hit the snooze button again, (abnormal), I get up (semi-normal), I turn on the television (normal), then I get on the treadmill and watch television (semi-normal), when I’m done, I grab my laptop and browse or work on my blog (semi-normal). That’s three normals, three semi-normal and one abnormal. I know, weird way to measure, but I’m just convincing myself that my multitasking plan is doable.

Only 7 days into the new year, it hasn’t been too bad.

(I know the pictures aren’t top of the line, but I don’t do real photography until I’ve had my coffee.)


Here’s my progress report:

  • 6.5 miles in 7 days
  • back to pre-holiday weight

How are you doing with your resolutions, goals or desires?

Say Yes and No


1,440 MINUTES in a day
10,080 minutes in a WEEK
525,600 minutes or 31,536,000 SECONDS in a year

It sounds like a lot, but for me, 2013 has flown by. As I’ve been sitting here thinking about what I want to say and how to say it, about 1,000 1,350 2,200 2,500 seconds (tick, tick, tick) have slipped by. The good news…that’s seconds spent on something important to me, something I see as a priority in my life. In other words, time well spent.

To make 2014 a year of time well spent, I say YES to:

  • GROW– I will grow my life in areas that are important to me, writing, photography and investing for retirement
  • EXPAND– I will expand and enhance my relationships with family and friends, both old and new
  • EXPLORE– I will explore my capabilities by improving my health through movement and weight loss
  • DISCOVER– I will spend my year in discovery mode by reading, trying new things, traveling to new places and stepping past my fear

 Seth Godin has a wonderful blog post about saying, “Yes”.

No in the Street

To give me time for YES I will say NO to:

  • WASTED TIME- I will spend fewer hours in front of the television each day
  • DISORGANIZATION- I will hire an organizer to help me put together a wonderful workspace
  • WASTED MONEY- I will review my budget and cancel unnecessary bills and expenses
  • REGRETS- I will look forward and move past regrets and focus on moving forward

Over the next 365 days (31,536,000 seconds) we all will say no to some things in order to say yes to others. I wish you all a happy, healthy and yes filled new year!