Where in the World


Self portrait looking up at the mirrored ceiling at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

One of the reasons I’m a photographer is that I like being behind the camera, instead of in front. I didn’t mind being in photos when I was younger and much thinner than I am today. The truth is, this is what I look like and people see me look like this every day. Who am I fooling?

Here’s one of my favorite pictures from Antarctica. It was taken by my good friend and travel buddy, Delia. I’m still overweight and…my expression is a little goofy, but what is so great about the photo is the story it tells.


I’m working to get out from behind the camera more so that I can be part of my travel story. My friends and family like seeing me in these incredible places and surprisingly, I’m finding that I do too. There is a limit, however. I won’t be showing you the photos of the polar plunge. I do have a signed document certifying that I took part in the Antarctica Polar Plunge, but those photos are in my private collection.

Are you part of the story, or hiding behind the camera?


Day Two- Winnipeg

webIMG_0190I had a wonderful night’s sleep and coffee delivered to the room. We were lucky enough to have breakfast with one of our guides, Bonnie, who grew up in Churchill. She has been working with Natural Habitat for almost fifteen years. Our second guide, Annie, stopped to chat after Bonnie left. They are both very friendly and very knowledgable and we haven’t even arrived in Churchill yet. I’m very impressed.

Then, we headed out hoping to visit the Human Rights Museum. We’d had conflicting reports on whether it was open or not. It turns out it is still under construction and won’t be open until the spring of 2014. After a quick swing around the upstairs shops at the Forks, we headed to the Winnipeg Art Gallery. It was fantastic!

We viewed the Inuit sculptures and prints. The Inuit people are First Nations people. I loved the sculptures in particular.


The gallery is also hosting an exhibit by Christian Marclay called The Clock. It’s in movie format and has thousands of film clips that run a total of 24 hours. The clips include clocks that are precisely at the time you are watching the film. It’s incredible and I could have stayed for much longer. One of the women there as part of a tour group said, “I guess we won’t be late to the bus”.

We’ve met some very nice people everywhere we have been who have provided tips on where to eat and what to visit next.

Delia and I are relaxing in the room for a couple hours until it’s time to leave for the play tonight. We are going to see The Best Brothers at the Prairie Theater.

Tomorrow we start the “official” trip. We have a day of sightseeing and then dinner with our whole tour group. Saturday, we leave for Churchill.

Having a great time!! Wish you were here. 🙂

Taking Flight


It’s magical to think that I can be almost anywhere in the world in less than twenty-four hours. The ability to fly still amazes me. So after finishing all my packing this morning (by the way, I’m less than 50 pounds on my checked bag), we headed to the airport to begin our travels.

I’ve seen a lot of things at DIA, but this was the first time I saw a man holding a mirror up in front of a woman as she sat there gazing at her reflection. It was a place to get your make-up done. Delia suggested that the woman might be traveling to meet someone she’d only conversed with online. Building upon her thought, I figured the woman was asking him to make her look like the photo she had posted online. Didn’t want to get accused of false advertising, maybe?

Our flight from Denver to Winnipeg was very uneventful, which is a great thing. I even managed to get my camera backpack in the overhead. I heard several people say they were headed to Churchill to see the polar bears. We didn’t have much of a chance to converse with them, although we did meet a man and his approx. six year old son that are heading there tomorrow.

Natural Habitat reps met us at the airport and we settled in to The Fort Garry Hotel. It’s 100 years old this year. The room is beautiful with antiques and old fashioned wall paper. We were issued our boots and parka and then headed to “Forks” to grab dinner. When someone mentioned Forks, I thought vampires. It is actually a unique indoor market. We picked up a couple bottles of wine and ate dinner at Beachcombers. Afterwards we bought dessert at the Human Bean Coffee shop.

It’s cold and snowing a little bit here. After some advice from our waitress, we are planning tomorrow to go to Osborne Street to check out the quirky independent shops and galleries. Then, we have tickets to a play tomorrow night.

Flying and all the drama surrounding it makes me tired. So it’s early to bed so we can be out and seeing the sites of Winnipeg tomorrow.


White suitcase on white bacgroundI think I’d travel with about any company who was willing to send someone out to pack my bags. I know…I shouldn’t wait until the day before to put everything in the suitcase. I just can’t help myself. Hey…at least I’m packing the day before and not the morning of. That’s progress.

My plan is to finish up tonight, drink a glass of wine, get to bed early and rise very early just to make sure all the batteries are charged and that I have all the right cables. I may need a suitcase just to hold all the cords. There’s the laptop power cable, the Canon 7D battery charging cable, the backup hard drive cable, the phone charging cable, the camera card installing cable…I hope that’s all.

Tomorrow at this time we should already be in Winnipeg and headed to the Fort Garry Hotel. That’s when I will probably discover what I forgot. Good news? I’ll be in a big city with my credit card to make it all right. Less than 24 hours to go. Yippee!!

(Thank you, Travis, for holding down the fort.)